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3 drug free ways to treat pain

Are muscle strains, tendonitis or fibromyalgia holding you back from life?

Treatment for
Muscular Skeletal Injuries

Do you suffer from arthritis, bulging disc or bone degeneration discomfort?

Relief from joint issues

Battling headaches, tight
shoulders and aching

Tension Relief

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Tens Machine Perth &Other Products

Thrive Wellness Centre

is a holistic wellness centre specialising in injury rehabilitation and pain management. READ MORE

Free Postage

Free postage when you spend over $250.00 any where in Australia

Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our range of products and strongly believe in their ability to assist with injury rehabilitation. So If you don't feel better and thoroughly enjoy your product, we will give you your money back within 30 days of purchase.

2 Year Warranty on Tens

Looking for a TENS machine in Perth.Our Bio-Nic Control TENS machines are covered with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty against malfunction of the product during normal use. If the owner has the receipt and warranty slip, then a full replacement of this product is guaranteed!

"I was amazed when I discovered the tens machine, it knocks the pain right down to manageable for me like no other kind of treatment option I had tried before.."

-Melody Semler

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