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Treating animals with pain relief methods used for the human muscular skeletal system, is proven to be very successful. This is because their muscles and joints work in a very similar way to ours. Many people can see their pets are in pain but cannot afford regular trips to the Vet for injections and medication. Therefore, their pets continue to suffer from arthritis, tendon and ligament damage, and old age degenerative issues.

Tens Horse Pack

The Tens horse pack has enabled owners to treat their horses themselves on a daily basis, saving on ongoing massage costs.

  • Cold backed/ Girthy
  • Muscle deterioration
  • Muscle Weakness/tears
  • Quick easy warm up

Kristina Parthezius

As a Saddle Fitter and competitive rider I understand what it means to have pets that you want to make sure are as comfortable as possible. My horse and those of my clients need to be performing at their peak when competition time comes around and the range of Bio-Nic Control Products certainly helps them do that.

From experience, the horses I have used this on and the great feedback I have received, the tens is a highly effective and economical way to treat your horse. Therapists around Australia use tens within their treatments to boost blood flow, brings nutrients to the desired area and assist the horses rehabilitate quicker.

The horses enjoy it, as it helps them relax and on occasion sleep whilst the treatment is carried out. As with all new things, test the product with the horse in a safe environment first. You can use the Tens machine on your horses daily for a few hours or just 15 minutes before you ride them to help them warm up.

This device is great because then you can take it inside and use it on your own back with your own personal set up for horse and rider

Far Infrared Mat

To use with animals – place a towel between the animal and the mat to keep the mat clean from hair. This will not affect the infrared rays.

Many animals can take advantage of the Infra Red Mat because it is can be moulded around legs , over their back, on chairs, the floor or in a dog bed.

Cats and dogs suffer with aches and pains as they get older and this is nearly always arthritis-related. The far infra red mat penetrates below the skin 2 ½ inches to help with aches and pains that are joint-related. If your pet suffers from the cold then the mat is also a good option to safely warm them up with a timer and heat setting.

For horses, this product is an amazing warm-up tool as it completely covers their back and delivers heat to the area. If the horse has ongoing back problems such as kissing spine, the infrared mat is a must before the rider attempts to get on. The mat can also be moved up the neck over the rump and wrapped around legs. Caution must be taken to keep the cord out of harm's way but this is easily done with an elastic surcingle around the belly to hold the cords off the ground. We recommend cross tying your horse as well.

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" The Far Infrared Mat has helped my Labradoodle Jazz more than any pain medication or anti-inflammatory i have tried. She has sore hips and a knee cap that pops out and gives her a lot of trouble. .."

-Kristina Parthezius

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